A photograph of Wiley Wiggins at the edge of a rainforest

About Wiley Wiggins


I am an artist and MFA student in UCLA’s department of Design | Media Arts. I’ve worked as an actor (Dazed and Confused, Computer Chess), Animator, User interface designer, and as a board member of the Juegos Rancheros arts nonprofit. During my time at Juegos Rancheros I produced the Fantastic Arcade international games festival.

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About This Webite

This website is static, generated using jekyll. The primary body webfont is courier prime code, a family variant of courier prime optimized for programming.

Most of the pages of this website respect Dark/Light Mode OS preferences, with project pages forcing dark mode.

Some image galleries, such as “bricolage” (scraped from my now-defunct tumblr) do not have detailed image descriptions. They are automatically looped into pages from directories of files. I’m currently looking into ways to add more information to these images for accessibility. Right now my only option is to give each image a meaningful file name and then use those names to add information to alt tags.

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