This was a vibrant land. The limb of the horizon, viewed from the dark rocks of its shores, was engulfed in the green sea and the teeming business of whales. The sun at noon was high and gold and blessed the air and the clouds and the collaboration of birds that bore it aloft. The forests of this land were rich and verdant. Its soils were fecund and bore great and plentiful fruit. The people of this land were close and storied and they sang great epics of their histories. The wildlife of this area was rich and too numerous to name in a lifetime. It is said that even the animals of this land were heroic and had known deeds and adventures that changed the history of the world and of which humans could only guess at. The stones of this land were full of beautiful gems and useful metals that were treasured but never knew a price. The people of this land understood debt but minted no coin. It’s said these people had no kings or queens, and all of those who lived here were equal and valued. It is said that the days in this land were long and the weather fair. The seas here produced enough fish so that the waters were always thick with them, shimmering like quicksilver. This was a holy land. Its people loved one another. This land was filled with music. This was a peaceful land. This was a land that lived in harmony with death. This land knew no borders or flags but was prosperous and storied. This land knew hunger and strife but persevered through work and kinship.