Content Warning: War, Murder This week's class prototyping theme is "I Spy". A number of the students either wanted to make prototypes of suspect lineups or of some manner of Sniper scope game. In my mind I was thinking about old games like Spy Vs. Spy or Elevator Action, but the student projects made me start thinking about first person telescopic views instead. I found a Brackey's video about Unity scope mechanics, but after posting it to the class discord I removed it in disgust. I had also been toying with a prototype that mixed a screen view of a panorama with a VR headset zoomed in binocular view, thinking about a Rear Window style voyeur game, but this also became linked in my mind with images of <a href=“<">drone> video</a> of starving people trying to get food being murdered. Somehow the act of watching, through these layers of technology, no matter what the subject was, was poisoned in my mind. I had to walk away from the prototype and I haven't had any ideas I felt pursuing since. I'm happy to review my students projects of course, but I'm personally out for this round. Instead I gave myself a housekeeping task and produced a [unicode-style index](/documents/grotto/sprites_documentation.pdf) of all of the tiles in my tileset so far. I may spend some time working on wood finishes before I have to attend to some other work for Rebecca.