So There’s a few ways of adressing a hex on a hexgrid. One is regular square grid style co-ordinates (just offset), and another is Vector3 cube co-ordinates- For a better description and visual aids, check out this page on red blob games.

So up until now I’ve been addressing the hexes with regular offset x,y coordinates (well, they’re Vector3’s but the z is just always set to zero, since tilemaps have a layering number so I don’t have to mess with z space.) but because of the offset, I can’t just use the kinds of functions I would on a square grid to do things like get grid spaces within a range. I’m basically still getting a square-like irregular shape on the hex grid when I want to be getting a circle. So I need to convert to three-vector cube co-ordinates. This (hopefully) will get me a lot simpler functions to get ranges and do other cool stuff like line-of sight math for fog of war.

Catlike coding has an offset to cube conversion tutorial, and I’m working on that now. I’m getting a little antsy because this is like almost week 9 of a 10 week quarter and I need to get this experiment in a place where if it’s not finished as a game at least it’s capped off in a way that I can sum it up. I’ve learned so much about programming in Unity on this project, but there’s still this vast gulf of stuff I don’t know, and I have a lot of really weak spots as a beginning programmer. Progress not perfection.