I love ol’ Jim Woodring. Very happy someone aimed a camera at him for a bit.

Some of this is new to me and resonates in a new way. I was terrified as a child of the eyes of cartoon characters, and for some reason I’ve been attracted to them as an adult. I had horrible, vivid dreams of being killed by the Bugs Bunny living on my curtains, and of a towering, monstrous Mickey Mouse that would stalk my preschool. There was a whole strange cosmology to my dreams, including a dark, hellish place that I imagined traveling to and from.

I have all of Woodring’s Jim and Frank comics and even briefly corresponded with him, long ago, trying to engage him in writing a short for me to animate (probably for the best it didn’t happen since I wasn’t a very good animator back then) but our correspondance abruptly ended when I randomly quoted something from one of his comics in an email - I have no proof but I think I somehow spooked or offended him, which seems in keeping with his temperament.

In addition to his indie comics Jim has written a few mainstream Sci-Fi comics including a couple of Aliens books which are amazing standouts from the usual genre fare and worth getting.