book sample The scripts that generate book content from Grotto are done, the output requires a little bit of tweaking after they run, the pdf output looks good and I’ll try printing soon. This is going to be an expensive print job, as the book is over 1000 pages, 500ish 2-sided. I intend to print signatures and stitch it coptic, including whatever thesis writing is done.

There is now a Unity view of the game that uses the old API connection from mudroom to allow traversal of minimalist, empty 3d rooms with doors, all color coded. There are door opening and locked animations, and the doors use emissive maps to have glowing keyholes and faux hallways. This is set up for spinner input to rotate the camera, which picks whatever door is ahead of it to activate with the doorknob. Next step is to build out an OSC transmitter with a wifi arduino that connects to the doorknob plinth. A copy-protection style code in the book works with the unity view, and three tiny encoder knobs will dial in the code in unity using a usually hidden UI element. The code is based on my tile painting set.

I’ve had some preliminary success getting a pre-release version of ZFBrowser working with the Grotto website in Unity. This could be the way to show off the full game, or selected views, after carrying out the copy-protection interaction. I don’t want a pointing device that is otherwise unused in the space though, so I need to be able to either load specific views from unity with no need for mouse interaction, or get the spinner cycling through all the available tabindexes like a tab key, including things in the canvas, which sounds really hard.