Thicket 1.1.2alpha is a little bit more game-like but definitely still an experimental space and not particularly fun. Thanks to James Curry, Nick Crockett and Alex Rickett for fielding my bumbling programming questions.

New Features:

  • Randomly placed maze elements, player and npc
  • Variable numbers of npc’s and players (you still need to adjust these numbers in Unity)
  • Variable map size (adjust in unity)
  • win and lose conditions (sort of)


  • Game still randomly sticks and won’t allow a move
  • When you lose it declares a win

Upcoming features:

  • allow lines of sight to include obstacles so we can move them back down in the layer order, only exposing the ones within line of sight
  • boost layer order of pieces in line of sight so animal heads aren’t clipped off by shadows
  • add controls to attract screen for map size, number of npc’s, player’s and maybe win/lose conditions
  • push chickens around
  • test out npc scent trail following, not actually sure if it is working yet