Grotto itemBuilder branch commit 519f103750178349cbf9d2e646e61744088f138c

Great pair programming session with @thismatters today, fleshing out the item database models for both Grotto and Mudroom (which depends on grotto). ItemBuilder is now an app in Grotto alongside MapBuilder and CharacterBuilder, items are now enumerated with types and actions, and have a service that contains the different methods for different item types. Rooms get some new attributes now too that items can work on:

illumination_level- dark, dim and lit. Reveals and obscures details about and things in a room.
a lit candle placed in a room makes the room lit, otherwise a lit candle held by an occupant of a room makes the room dim.
cleanliness_level- profane, dirty and clean (stub for scrub brush action).
sanctity_level- cursed, mundane, and sacred (stub for incense action).

the new item model will roll up the existing arrow and (what we are now calling) amulet items.

theres now a second npc, a trader, who will trade objects for candles or incense