UI for the web gui coming along.


Now I’m imagining parent room links are decending stairs and child links ascend, spouse and sibling relationships are doorways. A portal object can create links between any two rooms. A non-relative room could be manually made in admin and a portal created.

Records of sanctification and tribute are listed in the cenotaph.

Maybe a flower object can be added to a cenotaph if it could add another function than incense. Flowers would add to a pile/counter rather than be consumable/change sanctity attribute for a limited time.

Over my holiday break I added a lot of information to the family tree while visiting with my mother. Genealogy research can become compulsive even if you feel no real connection to many of the people you are researching.

I’m imagining turning this data into ‘rooms’ as being like those videos of people pouring molten metal into anthills and then pulling out the cooled sculpture. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable.