Genealogy breakthrough today- was able to fix a wrong name and add one generation prior to the earliest Fridel family member on record as well as a few additional people in other families. This means another version of the GEDCOM file, which is kind of a hassle at this point, because a new GEDCOM file totally rebuilds the game maze and I need to make sure that the cenotaph activation and relic csv’s all have all correct person names.

Working on Mosquitto-MQTT-DMX stuff for game controlled stage lights. After failing to get some first search results opendmx stuff for the raspberry pi working, I seem to be making headway with these instructions.

when I hit a block with Mosquitto stuff I’m going to try to finish a incense-lighting animation before end of day.

Andy gave us some soundsprite/audio info. Pasting it here for later reference:

you can run a tool called audiosprite (can install via npm) to combine all of your audio files into a single mp3 with a json lookup table to the timestamps audiosprite –output combined.mp3 -f howler source/doorbell.wav source/car.wav source/dog.wav

those files can be passed to howler.js that way when your browser loads you can have tons of different sound files but its just a single transfer at start

once they’re loaded you can play them as indexed by their original filename‘doorbell’);