From Paolo Pedercini-

This is the transcript of a talk I gave at the 2020 Play Festival. The festival normally takes place in Hamburg but was moved online due to COVID.  It’s a sequel to my previous Indiepocalypse talk. The Google Slides can be found here , a pixelated video recording is here. […] Link

This is interesting because I am as fixated on zero player games as I am on situated games, which might sound like cross purposes, but it isn’t really. A generative thing in a space with people is maybe even the ideal setup for what I want to do, and I’ve been wanting to make screensavers] again for years. I conceived Thicket first as a zero-player simulation that could be projected or run in a gallery space. Paolo also mentions Salty Bet, which reminds me of a foundational game experience I had when I was a kid- running the Monster Battle utility for the text adventure game Eamon on my friend Chris’ Apple IIe, and betting on who would win between Donald Duck and the Hulk or whoever. It’s a memory so powerful I’ve tried to remake it a few times, like in my Adventure Time Game Jam entry, Princess Textfighter Turbo (sadly the site for this jam looks like it’s down, I’ll see if I can find out about getting it up again). Paolo ends with the point I’ve been trying to get to all year, that its the culture and communities that spring up around games that are what’s most important to me, not always actually playing.