Week 7 Topic: “Contagion”

To play: click to administer test, right click to apply mask

I had some art for this one but I didn’t get the mechanical bits to where I was happy enough with them to add any polish. The idea is it’s a shitty workplace where coworkers have limited sick days but there’s an infectious disease going around. You can administer tests but they take a while to work. Masks will stop a sick employee from spreading when they sneeze. On the weekends everyone goes home and sick employees can rest and get better or party and get sick.

I think in the full version there would be little tells when employees are sick. Right now when an employee is sick for more than three days they turn blue and shake, but it’s a little glitchy at the moment. I’ve also seen issues where it seems like everyone goes home for the weekend and just never comes back which is a mood for sure.