There’s some npc behavior now and one “ending” is in (and I need to finish in a week for the Capstone show) so I am calling this version 1.0 beta. ¯\(ツ)/¯ After the show I am going to need to stop working on this and move on, but it would be nice to revisit it some day collaborating with a “real” programmer to make it more deeply systematized. One of the things I wanted early on that just isn’t feasable with my current design and the time I have left was a sort of economy where the obelisks exchanged stones both through workers and then automatically when one territory encroached on another, and then a great obelisk that was some sort of representation of worker’s bodies tokenized in stones. It’s only kind of hinted at here. Also, slightly more intelligent npc behavior, it’s very clunky in my prototype.

In this update

  • workers mill around and try to take blocks to obelisks (sort of)
  • There’s a place you can go to end the game with a cutscene
  • various pacing and (sorta) level design tweaks

  • dealing with collider sticks will require a different movement mechanic that I don’t know if I have time to figure out, so maybe deferring that
  • bugs. Sometimes the obelisk debt UI elements hide as soon as they show, The WebGL build has errors in Safari only that seem related to DoodleStudio95 (either need to warn safari users or switch to all standard sprites which would be work)
  • Add the “Good” ending and cutscene
  • Release!?