moha cat Spring break has given me more time to sit and play with projects. No big breakthroughs. I rewired the doorknob plinth from Doors and now the action on all the knobs and doorknob is much nicer than in the show. Unfortunately there’s still communication issues with the blinkm rgb light that lights up the keyhole. It’s possible that I rewired it wrong, but maybe more likely that it’s an OSC issue. It’ll take a little work to remember how it was meant to work and do some troubleshooting, since it was the last feature I added before the show and probably the least documented part of the project. plinth rewire Do I even want to get this working again though? I can see it being part of a show with more grotto-related stuff, but part of me thinks it’s probably better to concentrate on other stuff.

I started to wire up this rp2040 based keypad, but soldered the controller wrong and I need to wait to get a desolder gun to proceed. I could see the keypad being the input for the tile typing sketch I made.

A few days ago, like a maniac, I named every tile in the tileset and made a json data sheet for loading them by name.

Following a really interesting thread of research about the now exhausted mines at what was once called Joachimsthal in Bohemia- where silver coins called Thalers (etemological root of the word Dollar) were minted and later where the Curies got the pitchblende slag needed to refine radium. The mines figure in the later nationalistic retellings of the Libuše myths. This all gets much more bizarre and interesting but it’s too much to write down here.