Is it bad that I am thinking of starting Thicket over again in something like Clickteam Fusion? I’ve never used Fusion before but it seems like it would be much better suited for this, Unity seems so sluggish for a 2d turn-based game, when a lot of the problems I needed to solve should have been boilerplate. Plus, I’ve overelaborated too early with things like piece movement and post processing layers. This should have started out as a grid with cells that fill with characters like emoji simulator or a roguelike, but I got fixated on trying out hexes because of games like Ogre and Hoplite, and the idea that there would be rooms. Now that I am thinking more and more about Hunt the Wumpus and its squished dodecahedron with 20 nodes I like the idea of linked nodes… that’s the simpler version of what I was trying to accomplish with a hexgrid and filled hexes for walls.

I will probably let thicket continue as a Unity game and try out some parallel turn based ideas in other environments. I’m already thinking about my idea to have a live persistent game with multiple human players that uses web pages as rooms and I’ve started a project page for it- Grotto.