behind on grotto main game schedule, but making progress on installation stuff. doorknob controller guts

  • doorknob controller is now sending osc from the knobs (big spinner hid knob for camera rotation, three little rotary encoders for code entry, doorknob limit switch for door activation, an extra untested debug switch to turn on and off the webview in unity) The code to run it is all happening in node: some untested stuff- the node app has an mqtt listener that could be used to send kneeling messages to unity when the kneeling pad is used. also, unity is going to try to send color data in the form of three floats over osc to the doorknob to change an i2c smart led (a blinkm minm) that’s in the keyhole. this is the next thing to test.
  • book podium carpentry is done, has a little 12v light on the top, needs to be waxed.
  • controller plinth needs to be secured. I am thinking of gluing a stack of mdf triangles that will be (velcroed?) to the floor with a channel drilled through it for power
  • unity project still needs the api get for cenotaph relics. going to add a new public method to APIConnector to do it.
  • waiting for the book to arrive, I had to lulu print it because I am running out of time to be hand-binding a giant book.

feeling pretty edgy. Just a couple more weeks left to wrangle this mess into something.