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September 01, 2011

Thunderbeam was my first game collaboration, working with my friends James Curry and Scott Lee, with help from Paul Slocum and Rusty Moyher. I worked as co-writer, art director, did level scripting and environment animations and James worked as lead developer and co-writer, with Scott assisting in development. The idea was a classic point-and-click adventure with modern systems and randomized elements. We had also initially thought we would use some rotoscoping techniques for parts of the game using tools I had used in Waking Life but we moved away from this after a few tests. The game was developed with the iPad as its first distribution target. We elected to build our own game engine, which lead to a difficult development period that lasted several years. The game is unfinished but playable for MacOS on our page or as a TestFlight beta for iOS (the project is no longer funded but some development continues). The project is most notable for the wonderful art that was created for it by many talented artists (including Dan Beaulieu, Rachel Morris, Killan Ng, Paulina Ganucheau, Lala Albert, Stuart Holgate, Phil Fish and more), and the soundtrack by the band The Octopus Project.


Git Repository (Repo may not be public)



8 mins of play
Rotoscope test