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The Command Line Operated Virtual Intelligence System is the sentient on-board computer of the Pegasus III spacecraft (Pronounced “Clovis”).

C.L.O.V.I.S. was created in the agent manifestation chambers of The H.C.E.M.

Artificial Intelligence was a “hard problem” that was never fully solved by conventional science, with systems that could loosely be described as intelligent never gaining full sentience. When psychic humans were first discovered and their abilities used to retrieve information from the future and other dimensions, techniques for creating sentient systems were some of the first revelations to be collected. The creation of intelligent agents, even if not fully understood, was one of the advances that put the Priesthood of the Hermetic Corporation of Enlightened Masters on the fast-track towards mastery of the human race, and propelled mankind into the stars, after a century-long ‘tiny dark age’ of economic ruin and intellectual stagnancy. The first “enlightened master”, Rev. Dr. Xiomar, proved that the newly created Intelligences were not merely philosophical zombies by ‘inhabiting’ an AI using the then-newly-discovered power of posession.

Thunderbeam was my first game collaboration, working with my friends James Curry and Scott Lee, with help from Paul Slocum and Rusty Moyher. I worked as writer, art director and did level scripting and James worked as lead developer. The idea was a point-and-click adventure game with systems and randomized elements with the iPad in mind as our first target. We had a difficult development period that lasted several years, and the game is unfinished but playable on our itch.io page (the project is no longer funded but some development continues). The project is most notable for the wonderful art that was created for it by many talented artists (including Rachel Morris, Killan Ng, Paulina Ganucheau, Stuart Holgate and more), and the soundtrack by the band The Octopus Project.

thunderbeam images