You ever get an idea for something that should be complicated, that you shouldn’t do, because your codebase is a mess, and you’ll probably need to refactor everything to get it to work? And then you bang out some barely-not-pseudocode and it just works the first time you run it?

Up until now, when you picked up blocks, it had no idea what the actual Tile object you were deleting and then re-adding was, because there was only one kind of block. Now, with a few adjustments, it actually stores the Tile object you’re “grabbing”, adds the right sprite from it to the spriterenderer that makes you look like you’re carrying it, and then places the right Tile object. Which means now I can add another block type. I’m not going to go wild with this, there’s only three kinds of blocks I want to add total. The first one is maybe important though, enough that even talking about it here is going to be a game spoiler.