I haven’t had a lot of time to play with Thicket lately, but I updated FOV to increase and decrease with the in-game time of day. I did this by wiring the turn counter into a Mathf.PingPong function and using that as the FOV size int.

I’d like to probably zoom the camera in and out based on the FOV size too, I may save that for later though, since it seems like juice.

Right now there’s no official win or lose conditions, and there’s a bug where if the bear eats the chicken the wolf is still the one to get sleepy. I’ll look at those next.

I can’t help but think as I work on this that Unity is totally overkill for it, and I wonder if I shouldn’t be making this in something else. I keep reimagining it as something closer to emoji simulator, a roguelike grid that will take emoji and text and lets you write rules for individual pieces on the fly. I wonder if the hex-grid I am using that necessetated using Unity for me is really meaningful/necessary.