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Substance Painter Notes

October 13, 2021

Installing Substance Painter

Substance and Student Licenses

The company that made Substance Painter and Substance Designer was recently bought and absorbed by Adobe, so student licences are kind of a mess. Adobe says that they are slowly migrating student licenses for substance to organizational education accounts. Here’s how you do it now:

Substance painter workflow

This is the “hard way” (the way I’ve been doing it), there is also now a $25 plugin that will automate this process and live link between substance and c4d, I’ve added links and a video, check them out!

Exporting a model from C4D to paint in substance painter

uv mapping

uv mapping

Import and paint in Substance Painter

new sp file

Bake the mesh in sp

Exporting Textures from Substance Painter for C4D

Exporting Textures for a website using Modelviewer.js

Do you want to embed a 3d model into a web page? Modelviewer is a javascript library that will let you do it, here’s how to prepare model files for it in Substance Painter-

Importing Textures into C4D

render in c4d

Importing Textures into Unity




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