Wiley Wiggins

Release 1

An interactive text prototype.

Thicket is a text prototype of a turn-based game inspired very loosely by Hunt the Wumpus and the animal novels of Felix Salten. In the game you play a young deer-like animal, hunted each night by a she-wolf. The game takes place on an island which is broken up into room-like areas. Turns are grouped into day/night cycles. During the day, the Wolf remains in her den, and at night she emerges to hunt the player. There is also a hen that wanders the map that the wolf prefers to the player. The player cannot see what lies in the adjacent areas, but can smell what animals have wandered through the room they are currently in, and how long ago they were there. From this information they must guess how close the wolf is. Likewise, the player leaves a scent, which the wolf can detect and will follow. Undeveloped features could include pushing the hen into an adjacent room. Also there would need to be some manner of defeating the wolf, such as luring her off a cliff, or luring her into a bear cave. The wolf would have to be manipulated with the hen and the scent of the player. The game could be graphical, text based, or some combination. I would very much like to include ambient sound loops and some minimal music in the design.

Thicket menu: