Voyager- An Open-Ended Embodied Agent with Large Language Models

We introduce Voyager, the first LLM-powered embodied lifelong learning agent in Minecraft that continuously explores the world, acquires diverse skills, and makes novel discoveries without human intervention. […]

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Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute

The “Scholastic Utopian” Aesthetic


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Implementación de autómata celular sencillo en Javascript. La renderización es llevada a través de PixiJS. Se ha propuesto su utilización en generación procedural de cuevas en 2 dimensiones. […]

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In the above example, a cell that has 2 living cells surrounding it will survive. If 3 living cells surround surround the cell, it can come back from the dead. This function is called every step of the simulation and is passed an array of neighbors to this cell. […]

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studio notes 6-1-23

Critique Reflection

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studio notes 5-20-23

Things I’d like to do if I get more time

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