I can’t find words for my disgust towards the fascist, bloodthirsty leadership of the state of Texas. I have a hard time imagining anyone hopelessly naive enough to take anything out of Greg Abbot’s mouth at face value, and anyone who supports the current genocide in Palestine or continues to hand-wring about how executing zip-tied children and healthcare workers before running their bodies over with bulldozers is ‘a complex issue’ is lost beyond redemption. We should be proud of the students of this country who are making a stand against the grotesque never-ending war machine that we are all implicated in perpetuating.

Student protests calling for university divestment from Israel and the U.S. arms industry have rocked campuses from coast to coast. The nonviolent protests, which have been characterized as “antisemitic” for their criticism of Israel, have been met with an intensifying police crackdown as university administrators threaten academic discipline and arrests. On Wednesday, local and state troopers violently arrested dozens at the University of Texas at Austin. […]