Pulling the roguelike game from the electron app. It seemed fine yesterday but today I had issues:

  • When running the electron app on an older windows machine connected to a projector, the map scale was too low to play.
  • In that same configuration, the game froze on start.
  • Testing Zero-player mode, the player stopped seeking items after picking up one item

Unfortunately the game also misbehaves with scale/resolution when launched from the old fantastic arcade launcher, so if I run it in the space it will end up monopolizing a whole computer. This is a drag, I only have one PC and one Mac, presumably I’ll have to use the mac for projections. The alienware alpha I had hoped to use in the space is almost a decade old and is freezing when running the game. I wonder if you can rent small form factor PC’s or mac minis somewhere in town…

So- if you want to play the roguelike, it’s still running by itself here. (sadly it’s not connected to the geomancy sketch, but that didn’t actually do much other than say what the last geomancy judge was.)

I’m tired of doin’ all this shit on my own.