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After staring at this and this for a while and feeling kind of overwhelmed trying to make a hex grid from scratch, I found this on the asset store, which has example code for making a hexgrid and doing pathfinding on it. Going to try to pick it apart as best I can and use it as a starting point.

hexmap Ok, after watching this I found there’s already really good hex tilemapping in unity 2d projects (I’ll prob still want to take the pathfinding from that asset store package. ) now that I’ve got this I might make some placeholder terrain tiles. I had to switch the project from 3d to 2d to get the tile palette to show up.

commit 095d894872e9aba8e713418b4747427f9363135e

hexmap day 5

commit 077bd37694791e2e0a012f5d98c07807c276556f

So now what I am looking for is a way to do click to move and pathfinding with the built in unity grid system. There’s a GetTile function that I think I can use, I’d like to find an example though. What i’m looking for is: highlight all the tiles that are within the range of the moving piece get the hex of the mouse position listen for a click, change the goal of the moving piece to that hex if it’s a valid hex.

I’m still really just in the research phase so far until I figure out how best to do this basic stuff.

hexmap day 6 commit f40f91bec551c9f0051e917836a5285e0b6fd954

click to move OK! I got basic click-to-move working on the hexgrid!