heeyyy I’m happy to share that I’ll be moving on to UCLA’s Design Media Arts program this fall.

It’s probably a little confusing that I decided to do this so late in life, but I really felt like I had hit a wall trying to learn new things on my own while working a series of more and more disgusting and boring start-up jobs. After just a year of community college I realized how much progress I was capable of making without juggling a hundred other things and with the help of a little structure, and I don’t intend to stop for a while.

I also thought it was important to get my old adventure game project Thunderbeam out in some form before I start working on this degree. You can check out a Mac development build here. Development access means you get all future builds of the game, and access to scripting tools for modding. If you’d like to try out a testflight of the iPad version, drop me a line via email or twitter.