Iโ€™m a non-traditional student and media artist creating harmless software. This takes shape as animations, games, networked media, and installations.

Imbuing and extracting meaning from media artifacts mirrors the perceptual process itself- much of what is perceived and remembered is a construction on the part of the observer.

Hiding and finding Easter Eggs are two equally important roles in a game.

I worked for years in tech-support phone banks and as an interface designer for large tech companies. I closely watched the techno-utopian ideals of the early internet give way to the software-as-hostile-architecture fortifications of the racist police state we currently inhabit. I waited until I was an adult to attempt college, because when I was young, standardized testing was my first glimpse of harmful software. The rotten easter egg hiding inside harmful software is the domineering goals of the organizations that pay for it.

As a student Iโ€™m focusing on understanding the larger cultural importance of play while creating new playful spaces. I document this work iteratively online to help me critically engage with it in new ways. This documentation serves as my own map of where I hide things (I often forget, otherwise). In this process I create different schema, diagrams and bricolage that inform the structure of the work.

Harmless software is โ€œuselessโ€, shared, and meaningful. Itโ€™s a place to test ideas and interrogate biases before they calcify. When I work this way I de-instrumentalize myself while finding a way to live in the world.