This is the beginning of work on savior, a video game project.

My idea for this project is something like an extremely asymmetrical fighting game (overpowered computer opponents) but with no player interactions beyond saving and loading game state- which would mean that the only way to play the game is to cheat, “savescumming” until random fight results are in the player’s favor.

My goals for the project are:

  • To learn how to save and load data in unity,
  • To learn how to use the Toon Boom Harmony Unity SDK (Harmony was the primary 2d animation program I was taught in school, and I’m returning to it for a couple of animation projects.
  • To learn how to add normal maps to 2d sprites to add some basic lighting effects
  • To potentially use the game as a fall group show piece.
  • To make something that is fun. Cheating can be fun in a game.
  • To show off my animation skills, which I haven’t done much of in the past year.

It may be a hard sell to bring a project like this to critique, but im hoping there will be more games folk in the cohort next year, and I’m feeling overwhelmed and emotionally overexposed with my long term school project and need a break.